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June 22, 2023

What an AMAZING gig at Len's Birthday party! Love playing outside. The crowd loved us and we had a great time.

June 7, 2023
The Hiatus explained... Or why it took so long to come back.

It's a long story, and it's been quite a journey. Not gonna lie. For a while there I didn't think I was ever going to be able to put the band back together, but here we are with the best version ever.

The original Ricochet Rabbit (okay, not THE original I was a member of in the late 80's, but version 2.0) came together in around 2007 with my good buddy, Mike on drums, whom I've known since grade three, and Jay on guitar. We found an inexperienced karaoke queen on Craiglist named Helen, who blew us away. Before we could get our first gig, Mike the drummer decided it wasn't for him, so we found another former 80's road warrior, Rick, to fill the drum spot. That version lasted a full seven years.

After Helen, we tried to continue with Sandi, but it wasn't the same and when she left, Jay decided to move on. Rick and I found a guitarist, Steve, and we went through a few singers, none of whom were a great fit. We found one guy and were just getting started and about to do our first gig when Steve went in for hip replacement surgery. We waited for five whole months for him to heal up and THEN he decided not to return. What a waste of time. Rick and I perservered and finally found an incredible guitarist, David, a composer and sometimes actor who was a perfect fit. David, Rick and I were starting to rebuild when along came our current, AMAZING lead singer Rosie. They say history repeats itself, and so it did. Just before what was to be our first gig, David had a heart attack. I was beginning to think this band was cursed.

So, another six months go by waiting for David to heal up. He was (is) such a great guy we didn't want to carry on without him. He gets better and, again, we start rehearsing getting ready to play. Then COVID hit.

Now I know we were cursed. I had been keeping busy playing in other projects, such as MIB, Rev'd, Skookum, Total Rewind, etc. but Ricochet Rabbit was special. It was my own passion project. Anyway, after what felt like an eternity of no gigs, masks and sanitizer, plastic curtain practices, and noodling by myself, Covid finally went away with a whimper. Time to finally get this band going. It was Rosie who made the first call. Then I called David who couldn't wait to get back to it. Then I called Rick. Talk about disappointment when he told me he was retiring from music altogether. Something about wanting to spend more time with his grandson... bastard.

David, Rosie and I started to audition drummers. It took six long months to find the perfect guy in Phil. We rehearsed hard for a few months and were ready to play when fate struck another harsh blow. They say never two without a third (or fourth by now). David informs us that he's moving to Nova Scotia. (insert curse word here). I wish him all the best, but honestly I thought we were done, yet again.

Phil, the new guy, pipes up and says "I gotta guy!" At first I was skeptical. No long, drawn out audition process, mired in flakes and disappointment? How can that be? Along comes Tim. It was like a beam of light shone down from the heavens and a chorus of angels sang. He fit in perfectly. Meticulous when learning the songs, knowledgeable, and an all around great guy. That was February of '23.

Now, after reinventing, rehearsing, rebuilding, here it is June and we're gearing up for our second gig this Saturday and I'm thoroughly STOKED! The band has never sounded better, new songs are coming fast and furious, and what else can I say? We're back baby!

- Mike