Before I started using my artistic ability to become a sign maker, I was a cartoonist and graphic designer. I've always had a strong interest in animation and everyone has always commented on my voice. In doing the voices for my own short film I caught the interest of Gordon Stanfield, who happened to be in the same studio at the time. It turns out I had a knack for it. I wound up doing a couple of quick voice for a show called "Super Pals", then got the call for 25 episodes of Kleo the Misfit Unicorn with Mickey Rooney, David Kaye and Saffron Henderson.

Here's a quick sample


Voice Overs:



Little Buddies



Kleo, The Misfit Unicorn

   -Series, 25 Episodes


Stitches In Time (Easter Special)


Hillbilly Goats


   -The Ice Princess


   -Peeny The Clown


   -Bluegrass Billygoat


The Velveteen Rabbit



Elwoodettes Marionettes



 The Tadpole Kid







Little Buddy, Announcer, Mentoro,

plus many others


Wannabee, Lyle the Dragon, Multiple Voices   



Stitches, King, Wally, Wes, Uncle Willy        




Snowy Owl, Blue Moose, Rooster, Mr. Sun     


Boris The Ringleader, Tiny the Clown,   




The Rabbit, Dog, & others. I was also Casting Director


Too many voices to count for about 10 different shows on tape for live performances


Tadpole Kid, Announcer, Stranger, Grady (basically the whole cast)   



Shannon Walker



Gordon Stanfield Animation



Gordon Stanfield Animation




Gordon Stanfield Animation




Gordon Stanfield Animation


Gordon Stanfield Animation



Elizabeth Elwood



 Ed Konya




Any Number Can Die (2/93)



Arsenic and Old Lace (10/93)



Christmas Melodrama






Roger Masters (The Lawyer)



Lt. Rooney



Hero 2



Phil Mastorakis (Best Supporting Actor Award)



Vagabond Players

  Directed by Dwayne Campbell


White Rock Players

  Directed by Brian Lane



   Directed by Sunny L. Stump


Surrey Little Theatre

   Directed by J. P. Slater




Born: 1960               

Ht: 5 8 Wt: 180 lbs.

Excellent health                             


Hobbies music, boating, camping, motorcycling







Job History:

Josanne B. Lovick Animation Voice-Over Workshop, March 1991


Acting For Screen & T.V.   Instructor: Dot Bristow   January December 1992


Currently employed at Alpha Tent and Awning, Drafting and designing.


Full time musician (bass player/singer) from 1982 1986,

Currently playing bass with Ricochet Rabbit

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