Mike and Ian were part of the Vancouver music scene in the 80's and have toured extensivley throughout BC and Alberta. Each have a long resume that spans over 35 years and gigs in the thousands. Ian has been a drum teacher and professional musician since they used to bang logs with branches as a form of communication. Mike has been a bass player almost as long.

In about 2010, Ian was drumming in a trio when Mike came on board as the bassist. They hit it off and became friends. After playing together for about two years, they parted ways with the guitarist and each went on to do their own thing. Ian drumming regularly with local bands such as Blind Pidgeon, Blond Sonya, Brookswood Blues, and Mike playing bass for Ricochet Rabbit, Total Rewind, The Richard Noggin Trio, and others. Each time Mike went into the music store where Ian worked, the would reminisce, swap road stories and catch up. Ian would hint that they should start their own project. They kept in touch, each keeping an eye out for the perfect guitar player to complete their vision. This kept on for a couple of years, but they never lost their enthusiam for their 'perfect band'.

Eventually, Brad had enough of ten years of playing professionally on cruise ships. He landed a job at Long and McQuade in Langley where he met Ian, who worked in the drum department. Of couse, playing seven days a week for that amount of time has made him an amazing player so Ian asked if he'd be into coming out a jamming with this bass player he knew. Brad was picking up some gigs with the band Lawless and doing other fill in work, yet somehow, between all their individual projects they found time to get together. It turned out to be magic. Okay, maybe magic is a strong word, but they each knew that this little band was more fun than they've all had in a very long time!

After almost a year of jamming, having fun, laughing and gelling as a band, they finally decided this band was way too much fun to keep to themselves.

Mike Ian Brad